Swedish, natural foods for dogs and cats

Doggy AB is Sweden’s largest manufacturer of dog and cat food. We offer healthy and natural animal food, prepared in the Swedish manner, in twenty different markets.

Since it began in 1903, Doggy AB in Vårgårda has been known as natural, reliable, Swedish-produced cat and dog food of high quality. We have a heritage that we manage and preserve. But we also continually challenge this, so as to continue to do the absolute best for our four legged friends.

Swedish production for around twenty markets.

At present we are available in around twenty different markets and offer both dry and wet food. A real passion for cats and dogs is our driving force. To produce natural, healthy food that is good for them is our most important task - and this is how it will always be.

We are developing the dog and cat food of the future.

We invest heavily in product development and innovation, in order to continually offer the absolute best dog and cat food. This means that we are continually engaged in further development of specific products, but most of all we work to create new products. Allowing us to continue to fill food bowls all over the world with healthy and natural animal food from Vårgårda in Sweden.


Doggy AB in figures

Start year: 1903
Markets: approx. 20
Employees: 200 
Turnover: approx. SEK 740 million a year 

Map showing in which markets Doggy operates