The factory at Vårgårda

Our factory and head office are located at Vårgårda. Here we have all the knowledge we require to produce Swedish animal food of top quality.

This is where we produce, and also develop, quality-assure and store our products. We can reasonably say that we are experts in everything from product development to logistics - knowledge we are happy to share.

Plants for dry and wet food

Our factory contains three plants: one for dry food and two for wet food (canned/tetra and Pouch). Approximately 120 employees make up the production team five to seven days a week, divided into several shifts. In total 40,000 tonnes of animal food is produced every year!

Quality throughout the process

By having the dry food production and the wet food production next door to each other, we can keep the raw materials fresh as far as possible during the process: Fresh raw materials from the wet food process are transferred directly to the dry food processing. Everything is done to ensure every dog and cat will enjoy an even tastier meal at the end.


Production without middle men

In the factory we produce food primarily from natural raw materials and with great care. Many of the ingredients are delivered every morning directly from Swedish farmers. They work under the world’s strictest animal husbandry regulations and use less chemicals than anywhere else in the world. This produces the highest quality, without hormones, antibiotics or synthetic additives.

The factory at Vårgårda

Dry production area: 6,300 sq m
Wet production area: 4,700 sq m
Total production area: 11,000 sq m
Total production: 40,000 tonnes (2021)