Our production developers live at Tassalyckan

Our own product developers, who decide if our food is approved or not, live at Tassalyckan. None of our products gets past them. Their task is to be connoisseurs, and for this reason they help to develop the best Swedish cat food of course.

Founded 1992

The thirty cats living and working at Tassalyckan are cats that have had a second chance in life. This means most of them have come from cat shelters or are cats that needed relocation. It is not always easy for the cats to get on with each other, but with lots of love most things will pass.

Nothing gets past our product developers

Twice a day food is served to the cats and they smell, taste and judge nutritionally balanced cat food made of the absolute best Swedish raw materials. What the cats choose and how much they eat is studied and documented in detail for later evaluation. The cats develop both dry and wet food.

Red cottage with white trim

Every cat at Tassalyckan has its own little red cottage with white trim. Here they can enjoy the peace in their own little holiday cottages. They have large lovely lawns and many climbing trees, to play and make mischief in when they are not at work.