Do you want to work for us?

Does your heart beat a little faster for dogs and cats? Do you want to work in an innovative environment where quality and sustainability are self-evident? If so, we might have a job for you.

Many career opportunities

At Doggy AB there are many different careers. At head office, we can offer work in everything from product development, sales, marketing and quality to logistics, finance and order/customer services. If you want to work in production at our factory there are many different machines and many parts to the process to get to know. Whatever the role as a new employee, you have an introduction programme to get to know all the different processes and departments. Everything is done to furnish you with all you need to start work and get to know your colleagues.

Working at Doggy AB

We have around 200 employees at present. Many are involved in our important production and we also see a growing need in the office. Wherever in the chain you want to contribute, you become part of a manufacturing chain with a dynamic tempo and a high rate of innovation. We work in an environment characterised by openness, a holistic view and drive. Every employee, whatever the role within the company, receives continual support and room to develop. Together we take responsibility that every product leaving Vårgården is responsibly made, with every dog or cat’s best interests in mind.

Vacancies at present

At present there are no vacancies, but you are welcome to contact us.