Sustainability - for animals and the environment

At Doggy AB we have a goal of producing the absolute best dog and cat food. But to achieve this in the best way, by focusing on sustainability, the environment and our common future.

Our kitchen

Our kitchen in Vårgårda runs on 100 per cent renewable energy. Three quarters comes from steam from the Vårgårda steam plant and one quarter comes from electricity from hydro power, so-called green electrical energy.


Our ingredients

We choose our raw-materials with great care. Many of them arrive at our factory directly from Swedish farmers and are produced according to Swedish animal husbandry regulations, completely without hormones or synthetic additives. Food left overs and spillages from our food production are taken care of and recovered into biogas that is used to operate city buses and garbage trucks.

Our packaging

he packaging of our products, such as cardboard boxes, plastic sacks and Tetra Recart packages, all have low impact on the environment. The materials in our Tetra Recart are FSC-labelled, a renewable resource that can be recovered.